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Fraud Fighting: We Don’t Ask That!

Fraud Fighting: We Don’t Ask That!

We want to remind our members to be ever vigilant in their efforts to prevent fraud.

As a reminder, Civic Central Credit Union will never ask for your full account number or credit card number over the phone.

If you think someone is trying to access your account, please end the call.

Then contact us at 573-636-5338.

Scammers are getting more creative every day.

Including sending spam messages by text that ask you to secure your Amazon or PayPal accounts.

Never click on a link sent to you in a text message.

If you’re concerned about an account, visit their official website and login with your secure credentials to check for suspicious activity.

We Will Never Ask for Your:

· Passwords of any kind

· One-Time Passcode

· Full Social Security Number

· PIN Number

· Credit Card 3-Digit Security Code

· Credit Card Expiration Date

· Online Banking Secret Word or Password

Welcome New Board & Committee Members

Welcome New Board Members

Please join us in welcoming these new members to our board:

Janet Lepper

John Short

Welcome New Committee Member

Please join us in welcoming this new member to our Supervisory Committee:

John Burnett

Outgoing Board & Committee Members

Please join us in thanking these members for their voluntary service:

Bonnie Kliethermes

Mary Lee Roberts

Delores “Dee Dee” Loesch

For the Good of Us All