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Back to School Loan Special

Back to school costs are just around the corner.

We know you’re feeling it at the pump and the
grocery store. Civic Central Credit Union can help!

Now through August 31st, we're offering
An $800.00 loan for 8 months at 8% APR*.

This loan is the perfect term and total to get your back-to-school gear!
Enjoy a rate lower than most credit cards on the market!


Or Download Application, Complete, Save and Send to [email protected]

Reasons to Apply

  • Purchase New Computer
  • Buy Textbooks and Materials
  • Shop School Supplies and Clothes
  • Enjoy a Lower Rate

*Annual Percentage Rate. Minimum loan amount $800.00, minimum term 8 months. Promotion dates: July 1 - August 31, 2022. New loan application required. Credit report will be pulled if not on file. Not all applicants will qualify.

For the Good of Us All