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Stay Alert to These Fraud Trends

Review these fraud tips and trends to keep your money safe. If you feel your personal information has been compromised, you can contact all three credit bureaus and ask them to put a lock or freeze on your credit.

Don't Trust Your Caller ID
If unsure of the caller's identity, hang up, and call the company back at a number you know is legitimate.

Never Give Our Your Card Details
Unless you're purchasing from a reputable company, you should never share your card number, CVV, or expiration date with someone over the phone.

Keep Your SSN Secure
Never provide your full social security number over the phone.

Hang Up on Money Promises
Don't trust anyone promising you money that you're not expecting. If it's too good to be true, chances are it's a scam. Hang up and block the caller.

Verify Letters and Email Requests
Fraudsters duplicate names and logos on material they send you to trick you. Look up the phone numbers online to verify legitimacy.

Never Send Money
If someone asks you to send money to receive a prize, inheritance, or IRS refund, it's a scam!

Be Wary of Unknown Senders
Delete emails stating they are debiting your account if you've never done business with the sender.

Say No to Remote Access
Do not agree to give someone remote access to your PC or mobile device. This puts your personal information at risk.

Keep Online Security in Mind
Use strong passwords and keep your virus protection services up-to-date.


For the Good of Us All