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Home Equity Line of Credit

Choose Civic Central Credit Union for the lowest rate in Jefferson City on a home equity line of credit.

Fund renovations, consolidate debt, cover tuition or pay for a getaway.

Combined with fast, friendly service and an easy online loan application, there's no reason to wait.

Tap into your home equity and enjoy our low fixed rate until July 2025! You won't find a lower rate in town!

  • No Closing Costs^
  • Competitive 6.50% APR*
  • Terms Up to 10 Years
  • Borrow Up to 80% of Your Home's Value
  • Local Service

Or Download Application, Complete, Save and Send to info@civic-cu.org



Do I Qualify for a Home Equity Line of Credit?

Often called a HELOC, this line of credit is a revolving type of secured loan.

The collateral that secures the loan is your property.

How much you can borrow depends on your home's value compared to home much you still owe on your home.

For example, if your principal mortgage is roughly $200,000 and your home appraises for $280,000, you could potentially borrow up to $64,000. This figure will depend on your debt to income ratio, your credit score, and your other liabilities.

Perhaps the best thing about this type of loan is that it doesn't have to solely be used for home improvements.

Your equity can pay for tuition, provide relief from higher interest payments, or extend your budget for bigger purchases. How you use the funds is entirely up to you.




Get approved for a home equity line of credit with Civic Central Credit Union

*Annual Percentage Rate. Interest rate is subject to change. Rates reset in July of every odd year. ^No closing costs on your first line of credit. Subject to credit union approval. Not all applicants will qualify. See FSO for details.

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